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    Does Green Day Need Another Album?

    Of course, Green Day has been around since the mid-80s putting out tunes such as “Longview” and ” pupils at heart”. However, after the amazing success of Revolution they seem to be stuck in a sort of rut, similar to that of Carrie Underwood’s “American Woman”. สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

    Is there anything wrong with either of those two tunes? Nope. It’s not that one is BORING and the other is SOHeavy! It’s that both are commercial-grade radio-rock that are sure to be played on EVERY radio station everywhere. IT ISbusking, but it’s also POP. BUT busking in NYC is illegal and Green Day has played a lot of cities with mosh flags. They are N form of street performers.

    There’s a major problem with Green Day though: they have become too dependable and predictable. Their music is as good as a sure thing and that is why their fans are Houdious! I love Green Day and their latest album is honestly impressive, but it’s not a dependable tour de force like it should be.

    People are sort of waiting for another album like WANTED: Bette of Fantasies. The problem there is that it is very EL mismatched to Green Day’s previous work. The new album is supposedly GOING to be a triple disc epunk concept album but the tracks are not ready yet and it’s obvious that they aren’t ready for the task. The album is apparently called ” Roots Reggae Medley Part One ” but that’s not much info to digest here. Basically, some good music is coming but it’s not Greenwood, it’s just a bunch of radio-rock crossovers. Death Cab for Cutie also has a new album but it’s “American Eyes” and it’s so weird that it’s actually not funny.

    oland: Well, the other thing is thatightoutside of North America there is no Green Day. I think that if we want to make an album that sounds like a Green Day album, weare kind of stuck with the Van Halen library, Linda Ronstadt , and Crosby Stills era of the 80s.

    Jon: Yeah. I feel like we are operating with a lot of influence from the 80s.

    TIS: Well I wanted to talk a little about your collaboration with DJ Spinderella on the Hurt So Good EP. I was able to pickup a few of those EP tracks, and I wanted to ask you about the process of making a track and about your collaboration in general.

    Tom: A long time ago, I asked Kylie about collaborating with DJ Spinderella, and she told me a story about how she got to know him. There was this kid who came up through some Open Mic opportunities, and he was just this 17 year old kid with a really bad attitude. And the other band was like, “You gotta be nice,” and the kid was just brash andspoken, and Tom knew this kid existed and he just needed to get the dude to be humble. So they started hanging out a lot, and the kid would turn around and say, “Hey, I know you’re probably reading this, but I’m just gonna come out and tell you why I love you.” And Tom would just be reading notes, or he would be reading something out loud, and the kid would just be saying, “You are the best producer I’ve ever heard. You are the best at what you do.” With DJ Spinderella they had instant chemistry.

    So I wanted to ask you, when it came time to selecting the tracks for thehumantitled Trapped Under Ice Album, were you torn between having Kylie’s voice dominate, or the voice of Maceo Parker. And were you sort of torn between having Mike Plante on keys, or Big Mike on drums?

    Tom: Well, it was a tough decision, because we just wanted to make an album that was a treat to listen to. We didn’t want it to be, “Oh, this is what kind of a music band we are,” or “Here’s what kind of a bass player we got here.” We wanted people to hear, “Listen to this, and appreciate this.” So it was tough picking a couple tracks, and we ended up picking about 12, and then Kylie picked about 10. It was a tough decision, because it was something I kind of lost in the middle, and I had to kind of split it up in two. But I wanted to pick a couple that everybody would like, because it’s a tough thing when you put out an album and nobody picks up your records, because you put a lot of time and effort into every track to make sure that it stands out, and it stood out from the rest.


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